• ICCSD Online: PK-12 Online Learning Program

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  • For questions about enrollment, registration, or supplies, please contact your child’s school office (School Directory) or call the Educational Services Center at (319) 688-1000.

    For technical questions (regarding District-issued devices, internet access, or other technology-related topics) contact the ICCSD Technology Helpdesk.

    If you have a question that was not addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions section, please use this form to submit your question for review by our team.


  • The District is proud to offer a robust rigorous curriculum through the ICCSD PK-12 Online Learning Program (ICCSD Online). The courses are designed and taught by dedicated, highly-qualified ICCSD teachers.  Classes align with district curriculum and course expectations, and they match the quality of a traditional classroom experience.  Beyond being interactive and engaging, the program provides all of the coursework options necessary for students to continue their progress towards graduation.

    ICCSD Online is a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities.  This approach ensures that students have an opportunity to interact with teachers and students in real-time while also safeguarding against excessive daily screen time for learners. Examples of synchronous activities include online class meetings via video conferencing platform, individual check-ins with a teacher, or opportunities to collaborate in real-time with other students.  Examples of asynchronous activities include assigned readings or workbook activities, videos, use of personalized learning software, hands-on projects, and physical education activities.

    tudents enrolled in elementary coursework will follow a set daily schedule, while students enrolled in secondary coursework will follow a schedule that sets reasonable expectations for synchronous (live online) and asynchronous coursework during the week. PK-12 schedules can be found here.  ICCSD Online will use Seesaw at the elementary (PK-6) level, and Canvas or Edgenuity at the secondary (7-12) level.

    The delivery method for online courses is an exciting new experience for most students but the courses count the same as traditional courses. The list of courses available at each grade level in ICCSD Online resembles the course list for the District’s other instructional programs. The District strives to provide a broad array of course opportunities; however, actual offerings will be based on student enrollment. Students will receive a letter grade and credit for completed ICCSD Online courses. The District does not differentiate between online and traditional courses in content or expectations, and credits earned through ICCSD Online will look the same on a transcript as any other credit earned in the Iowa City Community School District.