Alternative Concurrent Courses

  • Alternative Concurrent classes are taught online or on-site at City High. The courses are taught by either Kirkwood faculty or qualified high school instructors. Additionally, alternative courses are an option for those who are unable to commit to a year-long Career Academy experience yet desire taking college credit courses while in high school. The courses may be taken in addition to a Career Academy or as a Stand Alone option.

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Alternative Concurrent Courses

Alternative Concurrent Courses

Note to Parents/Guardians of Academy Students

  • Because of The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) colleges are bound by law to keep student records confidential. Therefore, most communication from Kirkwood will go directly to the student. You are encouraged to keep open lines of communication with your student. Some helpful tips:

    • Talon- Most faculty use a class management tool called Talon. Your students should be able to log into their Talon account for the class and show you any assignment, grade, or attendance that the instructor had tracked for them.
    • Grades-Midterm grades or pass/fail indicators are given each semester. Your student should be able to log into their MyHub account and show you their midterm grade.
    • Contact-Work through the high school counselor when you have a concern. Our Kirkwood partnership allows us to stay in open contact with the school district since concurrent enrollment classes are offered for high school and college credit. In some instances, students may choose to release FERPA information. Contact the Kirkwood office for more information on this process.


    Students may take advantage of convenient transportation provided by the school district.

    For more information about transportation contact Maureen Beran at