• Public Comment Instructions for Zoom Board Meetings

    Members of the public wishing to comment during the public comment period near the start of ICCSD Regular School Board Meetings may do so by joining the meeting as an attendee and using the “Raise Hand” feature to indicate a desire to speak during the comment period.  To view the meeting schedules, please click here.  The comment period begins shortly after the start of each Regular School Board meeting. 

     Once you have joined the Zoom meeting, and we reach the community comment portion of the meeting, you can click “Raise Hand” to indicate to the meeting host that you wish to speak.  When the meeting host has authorized you to speak, you will need to accept the request to activate your microphone, at which point you will have up to four minutes to address the Board. Please remember to state your name prior to speaking.

     More detailed instructions for using the “Raise Hand” feature are available here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/205566129-Raise-Hand-In-Webinar