Our Preschool Program

  • Preschool instruction with ICCSD Online is based on an integrated model that uses hands-on activities and student engagement to give our younger students the optimal learning environment.

    ICCSD Online Preschool program offers afternoon sessions. The program is designed to provide services to any student who is age 4 prior to September 15 of the current school year. 

    Class meeting: Social Emotional Learning - Attendance, check-in, class meeting activity
    Small-Group and Center Time - Literacy, Social Skills, Science, Math, Music and Movement Rotations

Preschool Program

Preschool Program
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  • *Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) may be flexibly scheduled with families.

    Individual Specially Designed Instruction or Meetings with Families are planned to be opportunities for teachers to provide instruction to students with IEPS or time for teachers to meet with families to discuss learning activities. These meeting times will be individually scheduled with families.

    Class Meeting: Social Emotional Learning is planned synchronous meetings of the entire class.

    Small-Group and Center Time are planned to be times when small groups of students would work with their teacher for 15-20 minute periods while other students can work on asynchronous learning activities. All students will be meeting with their teacher multiple times during the week, and possibly every day.