Our K-6 Program

  • Students in our ICCSD Online PK-6 Program gain classroom experience, 1-on-1 interaction with their teachers, and establish rewarding relationships in their learning cohort.

K-6 Schedule

  • The Elementary school day consists of synchronous learning components, asynchronous learning activities, and opportunities for support or extended learning. Take a look at the current school year's time schedule for to see what a typical day looks like. 


  • Live synchronous lessons via Zoom

    • Morning Meeting
    • Language Arts
      • Whole Group and small group instruction
    • Math
      • Whole Group and small group instruction
    • Social Studies, Science, Writing and Health
    • Art, Music, PE, Counseling, or Library (one each day five days a week)

    Asynchronous Learning

    • Independent learning activities designed by the teacher
    • Dreambox and Lexia online learning programs

    Support and Extended Learning Opportunities (As needed)

    • ELL Lesson for qualifying non-native English speakers
    • Specialized Instruction for students with IEPs
    • ELP class for qualifying students in the talented and gifted program
    • Small group interventions for non-proficient students
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  • Student Supports
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