Scheduling with ICCSD Online

  • ICCSD Online offers our high school students the flexibility of an online program with the same high-standards we have for our high schools across the Distrct.

Full-Time Students

  • Students who are enrolled in the high school program are expected to take a minimum of four classes plus P.E.

Part-Time Students

  • Students who are enrolled in one of the four Iowa City School District High Schools may elect to take one or more classes from the online program. Students who wish to do this will inform their counselors at registration of their desire to enroll in online classes in the AM session or the PM sessions. The bell schedules do not align to the minute with the four on-site high schools, so students taking part-time will need to cluster their on-site and online classes together.

Guidelines for Taking Classes Asynchronously

  • In some cases, it may be necessary for students to take classes even though they are unable to attend synchronously. This may be in the case of illness, work, or required travel. Students wishing to take this option must apply with the Director of Online Learning prior to the start of a trimester. Both the student and the parent must agree to the following conditions:

    1. The student is capable of and motivated to work independently.
    2. The student must check in weekly with the instructor of each class that is being taken asynchronously. Every other week, the student must meet with their teacher synchronously via Zoom. Other check-ins may be completed via email or by Zoom.
    3. The student must make continuous adequate progress while enrolled in the class. Students are expected to turn in work each week, no later than Sunday evening.
    4. Students who get more than two weeks behind must meet with the teacher and the ICCSD Online counselor or Director.