LGBTQ+ Administrative Guidelines

  • Iowa City Community School District

    LGBTQ Guidelines District policies to affirm and support LGBTQ students and staff


    This document is intended to guide the implementation of the Iowa City Community School District Statement of LGBTQ Inclusion, adopted April 24, 2018 (below). These guidelines set expectations for ICCSD staff and students and serves as a resource to facilitate consistent implementation of the following LGBTQ specific policies.

  • Statement of LGBTQ+ Inclusion

  • Definitions and Terminology

  • Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination

  • Privacy/Confidentiality

  • Names, Pronouns, and School Records

  • Access to Facilities

  • Interscholastic Activities

  • Intra school Events, Ceremonies, and Activities

  • Inclusive Curriculum

  • Gender Sexuality Alliances (GSAs)

  • Adult Advocates

  • Access to Supportive Resources

  • Dress Code

  • Student Transitions

  • Training and Professional Development

  • Accountability