Athletics, Co-Curriculars, Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

  • As the Iowa City Community School District (“District” or “ICCSD”) returns to learning for the 2021 - 2022 school year, student and staff health and safety remain a priority for the District. ICCSD also recognizes the important role athletics, co-curricular, clubs, and extracurricular activities (“Activities”) play in the school experience. While there is an inherent health risk in group activities and it is difficult to balance all interests, the District is committed to providing students non-instructional opportunities while taking steps to ensure health and safety. The ICCSD has adopted COVID-19 related guidance, and all Activities must abide by the guidance. As with the District general health and safety guidance, these protocols will be adjusted based on the Johnson County COVID-19 transmission rate.

    Our District will allow community use of our facilities based on our facility use guidelines.

    Supervision is limited to ICCSD employees with extra-duty contracts through Appendix C of the ICEA negotiated agreement. Prior to serving as a volunteer (or unpaid) coach/sponsors, individuals must complete a 2021 volunteer form. Activities that meet on-site must have a staff sponsor at all gatherings. If a staff sponsor is not available, the Activity must meet virtually.

    Face coverings and social distancing
    Universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to schools, regardless of vaccination status, is recommended.  Face coverings will be available for students, staff, and visitors at each building. The District can not guarantee consistent social distancing of 3 feet during activities.

    Capacity Limits
    Individuals are encouraged to maximize space between each other when attending events and activities both as participants and spectators. (Exception: The number of individuals at an indoor event must be limited to 50% of the venue capacity in our county is in the High transmission category). While the District strongly encourages social distancing, there is no cap on attendance at outdoor events. 

    Concession Stands
    Concession/refreshments stands will utilize standard operations.  

    For travel out of the District, students and staff must comply with local, state, and federal regulations in effect in the location the students and/or staff are traveling. Students and staff must continue to comply with District guidance as well. The District strongly encourages any program that is planning travel outside the District to obtain travel insurance as travel guidance could change based on JCPH, IDPH, CDC guidance, and/or County transmission rates. The District will not reimburse families for trips canceled due to changes in the District’s health and safety guidelines or changes made by other jurisdictions/organizations.