Edgenuity FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide

  • Issue:  I can’t find the website.
    Solution: Don’t use Google search to find it. Type Edgenuity.com in the address bar.

    Issue: My credentials do not work and I can’t get into Edgenuity.
    Solution: Do not use caps. Make sure you use your last name and then a dot and then your first name. Some people had the middle name on the enrollment information so you will need to use your middle name along with your first and do not add a space. 

    For example user name: brenneman.lisamarie
    Password: lisamarie1

    Issue: I think I am in the wrong class.
    Solution: Fill out the form to report a problem.

    Issue: I finished a lesson and have come to a quiz or test. 
    Solution: We are working hard to find the para that you will contact to open your quiz or test. Until then please go back to the class structure in Edgenuity and move to the next lesson. You will take the quizzes and tests once someone can open it for you and monitor your screen.

    Issue: Am I behind due to starting the class late?
    Solution: You are not behind and you have nothing to worry about. Your class has been adjusted to accommodate the late start.

    Issue: How long do I have to finish my class?
    Solution: All courses are scheduled to be finished in a trimester. You will be responsible for following the pacing guide within the program and for keeping up with your assessments as you move through the class. Your progress will be monitored and used to determine if online learning is the proper learning tool for you.

    Issue: How will I know where I am supposed to be in the class every day?
    Solution: There is a pacing guide that you will need to follow closely. You can move through the class at a faster pace if that is what you desire, but at a minimum, you will be expected to follow the prescribed pace within the course.