Accessing Edgenuity Courses

  • For ICCSD Online students who have been enrolled in an asynchronous course on Edgenuity, the following information outlines the steps to follow for access to each course.

    1. Go to and log in as a student by entering your credentials in the following format:
      USER NAME: lastname.firstname (ex. brenneman.lisa)
      PASSWORD: firstname1 (ex. lisa1)
    2. Please review the Edgenuity FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide that addresses common questions and issues associated with Edgenuity.  
    3. If you have reviewed the troubleshooting guide provided above for Edgenuity and you are still having problems or questions, please fill out our Edgenuity Problem Report Form and someone will get in touch with you.
    4. When you first log into a class you will be required to view the orientation video. It is short and will provide you with important information you need to take your class!
    5. Be patient and don’t panic if everything doesn’t work right away. We will not expect you to be working if you need help getting started.
    6. Feel free to get started on your Edgenuity classes. You will be notified when a supervising para has been hired and a teacher assigned to monitor (not teach) your class.