FMP 2.0: The Projects

  • As part of Continuing the Vision, FMP 2.0, the following three categories of potential facilities improvements and projects align to the Board’s Guiding Principles and Stakeholder Facilities Planning Priorities. These initiatives address current building needs as well as proactively move the District toward creating innovative and instructionally driven learning environments for future students. Renewing the current SAVE and PPEL levies, the no new cost initiatives on the ballot in November provides the necessary funding to make these projects a reality.

    Group 1: Completing the Promise of FMP 1.0

    Coralville Central Elementary: Front Entrance, Elevator
    Garner Elementary: Cafeteria & Front Entrance Expansion
    Hills Elementary: New Building, Demolition of Existing
    Hoover Elementary: Classroom Addition
    Horn Elementary: Classroom Addition
    Lemme Elementary: Classroom Addition, Exterior Upgrades
    Lincoln Elementary: Classroom Addition
    Longfellow Elementary: Classroom Addition
    Lucas Elementary: Classroom Addition
    Shimek Elementary: New Multipurpose Room
    Van Allen Elementary: Cafeteria, Music & Art, Admin Expansion
    Weber Elementary: Secured Front Entrance
    Wickham Elementary: New Gymnasium
    Wood Elementary: Classroom Addition
    South East Junior High: New Kitchen, Remodeled Cafeteria, Band Room
    North Central Junior High: Site & Roadway Improvements
    Northwest Junior High: New Kitchen
    City High: Career Tech, Renovated NE Wing, Auditorium Upgrades, Annex Demolition, Soccer Field Lights, Baseball/Tennis
    Liberty High: Soccer Field Lights
    Tate High: Career Tech Room
    West High: Student Commons, Secured Front Entrance, Admin Wing, Auditorium Upgrades, Music & Choir Upgrades, Media Center, Baseball & Softball Fields
    North Liberty: New Elementary School

    Group 2: Life Cycle Projects

    Districtwide: Technology
    Districtwide: Security Upgrades and Improvements
    Districtwide: Climate Action
    Districtwide: Bus Maintenance Fleet
    Districtwide: HVAC Replacements / Upgrades
    Districtwide: Temporary Housing
    Districtwide: School Site Improvements
    Elementary Buildings: Playgrounds
    High Schools: Turf Replacement
    Physical Plant / Food Service: Improvements

    Group 3: Long Term Considerations

    Property Acquisitions
    Early Childhood
    Grade Reconfiguration
    Future Capacity Expansion
    New Elementary Schools
    Climate Action
    Career & Technical Programming and Classrooms
    New Junior High / Middle School
    High School Expansion and Classroom Additions
    Health Clinics
    Athletic Venues and Community Partnership Facilities
    Immersion, Magnet, and Other Learning Pathways