• Money for College!!!! -- Class of 2022


    Scholarship options to Consider:


    • Visit the City High School Counseling Office Scholarship Website ONCE a WEEK ALL YEAR! Many of these scholarships are local/regional, so you’re competing against a smaller pool of applicants!  Visit our webpage, and click on “Scholarships”)


    2) Find the websites for institutional scholarships at colleges/universities

    where you’re applying for admission.  For example, Google “University of

    Iowa undergraduate scholarships” to find scholarship opportunities at the U of I. 

    Again, you’ll be competing against a smaller pool of applicants, so this is a good

    place to spend your early scholarship energies! Time sensitive!!!

    3) Is your family affiliated with any clubs, organizations, businesses,

    churches, etc?  If so, ask those “in the know” if these groups offer scholarship opportunities.

    4) If you have extra time, feel free to utilize national scholarship websites/

    databases to look for opportunities.

    These sites can be helpful… the pool of applicants is much larger, however, so

    this “route” should be on your list of scholarship ideas, but may fall behind

    options 1 and 2 listed above.

    Here are some popular websites to search for scholarships:

    1. https://www.scholarships.com/
    2. http://www.fastweb.com/
    3. https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/scholarship-search
    4. Many other scholarship websites exist; be sure that you NEVER pay for scholarship applications or services.  This is a “red-flag” for scams.

    FAFSA -- This is CRITICAL for all seniors!! (FAFSA.GOV)

    ***FAFSA, or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is an application that EVERY college bound senior should complete.  This application is not available until October of senior year.  It is helpful, but not necessary, to have completed your 2020 taxes prior to submitting your FAFSA.  


    Through FAFSA submission, students become eligible for the following:

    1. Grants--FREE money for those who qualify (need-based)!
    2. Work-study--Federally funded jobs on campus at your college (again, need-based)!
    3. Loans---Yes, they’re still loans, but they are the best loans available to students… Keep an eye on how much money you borrow each year!!
    4. Some institutional scholarships require FAFSA submission for eligibility.


    Some deadlines to consider---

    1. May 1st, 2022---make your final college decision by this time! But APPLY for Admission NOW!!!----EVEN IF YOU HAVEN’T TAKEN ACT!  (Most colleges are waiving the need to take college entrance exams before you apply...check on each college’s admissions website to know for sure!
    2. October of 2021--you are eligible to complete FAFSA.  Submit FAFSA online by early to mid-November if possible!!!
    3. You will receive “award letters” from each of your colleges approximately 4 to 6 weeks after you submit FAFSA.  This “award letter” will detail exactly what it will cost for you to attend each of your colleges...and this letter will also detail your aid eligibility from each of your colleges. This includes grants, loans, work-study, and most scholarship money.
    1. Research admissions deadlines for colleges of choice.  You can apply for admissions at the start of your senior year.--Apply early in senior year for “rolling admissions” schools.
    2. Check out scholarship information above and start applying!
    3. Become familiar with housing application deadlines/procedures!! Very important!
    4. Schedule campus visits (many are “virtual” this year) so that you can get a “gut feel” for the colleges you like!
    5. Identify your most important values, and be sure your college of choice matches your values!
    6. Consider a job shadow or internship through the Workplace Learning Connection to learn more about your potential career fields.

    ***Come see your counselor if you need any help!


    BigFutureCollegeBoard.org---Great website to search for colleges!