How to Contact the Ombuds

  • Address:
    Kirkwood Regional Center
    Lower Level, Office #008 
    2301 Oakland Blvd
    Coralville, IA 52241

    Phone: (319) 688-1312 (Direct) or (319) 777-9558 (Cell)

    Email: or

    Email communication should not be relied upon as a resource for confidential communications.  Phone, video teleconference, and in-person conversations are the preferred methods of contact for the Ombuds Office.

    To ensure privacy and confidentiality of all visitors, scheduled appointments are recommended. Please call or email to setup a scheduled time to consult (via zoom, phone, or in-person) with the Ombuds.  



When to Contact the Ombuds

    • You don’t know where to go for help.
    • You’re having trouble finding the information you need.
    • You prefer working with a neutral, third party.
    • There is a lack of trust, break down in communication, and/or power imbalance.
    • You are concerned about confidentiality and/or retaliation.
    • You feel your voice is not being heard.