Our Program Standards

  • Standard I: Understanding the Profession
    Rising educators learn about the profession to explore career opportunities, develop skills they need, and make informed decisions about pathways to accomplished teaching.

  • Standard V: Implementing Instruction
    Rising educators learn effective instructional strategies to engage students and promote learning.

  • Standard II: Learning About Students
    Rising educators learn about themselves and their students for the purpose of building relationships and supporting student development.

  • Standard VI: Using Assessments and Data
    Rising educators learn to use assessments and interpret data for the purpose of making decisions that will advance teaching and learning.

  • Standard III: Building Content Knowledge
    Rising educators learn how to build content knowledge for the purpose of creating relevant learning opportunities for their students.

  • Standard IV: Engaging in Responsive Planning
    Rising educators learn how to respond to students’ needs through thoughtful planning.

  • Standard VII: Engaging in Reflective Practice
    Rising educators learn how reflective practice enables them to advance student learning and grow professionally.