Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  If a student who lives in the City or West boundary wants to open enroll to Liberty High, can they play sports right away or do they have to sit out a period of time? If so, how long?
    A:  They would be subject to our internal policy on intra-district transfers.  Please contact Mr. Kibby at with further questions.   

    Q:  When is Liberty High expecting to start the hiring process for staff members?
    A:  Phase 1 of the hiring process began in November 2016.  Phase 2 will happen in late January or early February 2017. 

    Q:  I am currently attending City High. Will I have to take classes at West that Liberty may not provide or could I take them at City?
    A:  During class registration, students will be presented with a large number of course titles from which to choose.  After registration is complete, the administration will decide which courses have garnered enough interest to be offered at Liberty in the 2017-2018 school year.  Students who have selected courses that don’t have enough interest to be offered on site will receive additional guidance to select from the list of viable courses, or may be provided with options to access courses through other means, such as attendance at the Kirkwood Regional Center, distance learning, or shared courses with West High School.  It is entirely possible that a course not offered in the 2017-2018 school year, will be able to be offered in the following year given an increase in student enrollment. 

    Q:  When do you expect to offer open enrollment for students at West High?  My child is a sophomore at West, and is interested in attending Liberty High next year.
    A:  The Board plans to discuss voluntary transfers at the September 27th meeting.  More information should be available following that meeting and decision. 

    Q:  I am now hearing that West and Liberty will be combining next year for a dance team. Is this correct information?
    A:  The District will be sharing additional information surrounding extracurricular programming this Fall-Winter.  We anticipate Liberty will be able to support its own program next year.   

    Q:  Will there be a pool built inside of Liberty High?
    A:  No, there will not be a pool on site, however, this will be some of the programming information that comes out later this year. 

    Q:  Will there be a dance team?
    A:  Yes, there will be a dance team. 

    Q:  Will there be a high school tour for students and parents?
    A:  Yes, there will be tours available of the school.  The community will be notified when tours are scheduled.

    Q:  Will Liberty High field a baseball team the summer of 2017 prior to opening? I currently coach a 13u/7th grade team. Most USSSA teams start forming in the fall and asking for fees. If incoming 8th graders have the chance to tryout/play on the Freshman team it will be hard to get teams around. The incoming 8th graders would be playing 14u in the summer of 2017. If Liberty High isn't fielding a team the summer of 2017 then this isn't an issue.
    A:  Liberty already has a schedule for freshman baseball for the 2016-17 school year.  The summer of 2017 it is FRESHMAN only.  8th grade students would be eligible to tryout, but priority has been given to freshman over 8th grade students due to large numbers. 

    Q:  When will there be a dance team at Liberty?
    A:  We currently plan to have a Dance team in the Fall of 2017.

    Q:  Will there be show choirs for the Freshmen and Sophomore classes in 2017?
    A:  The plan is to have a show choir active at Liberty in the Fall of 2017.

    Q:  If you are currently attending Clear Creek Amana High School as a freshman or sophomore and currently live in North Liberty, can you open enroll to Liberty High or do you have to attend West High in order to attend Liberty? If so, do you have to do a letter of intent like West High?
    A:  This depends on where your address is and what your “home” school district is. 

    Q:  When will the main gymnasium be complete? What are the plans for boy's/girls volleyball and basketball?
    A:   The main gymnasium will be complete Fall 2017.  The first year we will primarily field Freshman and Sophomore teams.  Most varsity sports will come on year two.   

    Q:  Will the new school be staffed internally or will there be an open hiring session at some point?
    A:  There will be both internal and external hires.  

    Q:  What happens if my student chooses to attend Liberty High School now, but later changes his/her mind?
    A:  At this point your student could attend West High. The letter you received and response we are requesting is non-binding.  We are simply trying to develop what curriculum, activities, athletics and clubs can be offered on site right away. 

    Q:  If I decide to attend Liberty, but they don’t have enough students to offer a sport or activity I’m interested in, can I participate with West High?
    A:  Students will be allowed to participate at West High for any offerings that Liberty High does not offer at its opening.

    Q:  What good are outdoor practice fields if Liberty doesn’t offer the sport?
    A:  This will save students travel time for practice.  They may need to travel for athletic competitions but for practice we hope to have a “home” site.  

    Q:  How can I stay informed on the progress at Liberty High?
    A:  Liberty High has its own page on the ICCSD website. There has recently been a Liberty High Transition Task Force formed to assist in the transition.  The meeting minutes will be posted on the website, as well as opportunities for input shared with the community at large. 

    Q:  What if I have an upper-level student (Junior/Senior) and a lower-level student in the new high school attendance zone, but I wish to have my children attend the same school? 
    A:  In these scenarios the family will be asked to enroll all students at the new high school. Families will not have the option to have underclasspersons stay at their previous school with their upper-level student. 

    Q:  Will Liberty High offer the same AP courses that City and West offer?
    A:  If a course cannot be offered at Liberty High School students will be given the opportunity to take that course at West High School.  This could look different during the first year than in future years. 

    Q:  How will transportation work?
    A:  Student transportation will be provided per district policy for the student to the school in their attendance zone.  If they choose to attend West High and live in the Liberty High attendance zone the student’s family will be responsible for transportation.

    Q:  What Class will they compete in for Athletics? 
    A:  We are still working with the Liberty High Transition committee to make a recommendation on when certain athletic programs will begin at Liberty High School.  Until this is finalized we cannot apply to the state to play district football or to an athletic conference. 

    Q:  If AP or any other courses are not offered at the new school, will there be transportation to West High for those classes not offered at Liberty High? 
    A:  At this time we have not determined the full academic program for Liberty High School so it would be premature to answer this question. Past district practice has been to allow the student to take the course at the school that had the offering. 

    Q:  What types of band will be offered at Liberty High? If different bands are offered have they been thinking about uniform and equipment purchases? 
    A:  We hope to have information on co-curricular programming communicated before the end of this school year.  We are also planning to reach out to parents soon about the potential for organizing parent groups unique to the Liberty High community where appropriate.  

    Q:  What about the traffic and noise for the people that live near the high school? Dubuque street is already dangerous and now you are adding students? 
    A:  We have a very collaborative relationship with the City of North Liberty and our other municipalities.  Student safety is always a priority for us. 

    Q:  Will the school be big enough? 
    A:  The school is projected to have a capacity of 1000 students when it opens, which fits current enrollment projections.  A 500 student addition is slated to be opened in 2022. 

    Q:  I'd like to see the rendering of the arts area. Where is the auditorium? Do they have some renderings of those places?
    A:  We will have some limited renderings and floor plans for public viewing on November 23rd at the community information sharing session.  

    Q:  If I'm interested in applying for a coaching and/or teaching position, when and where will that information be available?
    A:  Positions at Liberty High School will be posted during early spring (January – February) 2017. 

    Q:  When will decisions be made on which Athletic teams will participate in 2017? 
    A:  We are currently working to determine which athletic programming will be offered when Liberty High opens in the fall of 2017.  This could be different for Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Varsity, and Varsity sports. 

    Q:  What athletic teams will be at Liberty High School in the Fall of 2017?
    A:  There will be a full slate of Freshman and Sophomore teams for the students at Liberty High School unless there is an extreme participation or facility issue that would cause us to continue exploring a sharing arrangement at West High.  In terms of Varsity athletics we are still working to determine what will be offered.  We know there will be no Varsity football in the fall of 2017.  Other sports will be handled on a case by case basis as we work through the spring.  With the school having a smaller number of juniors/seniors the first year it is likely that these options could be limited.  In the 2018-2019 school year there will be three full classes of students at Liberty so we are planning for most sports to be viable at that point. 

    Q:  Is the Liberty “Bolt” the official logo?
    A:  Yes, this was designed by local artist Robyn Hepker and is the official logo for the school.  

    Q:  With freshman teams being formed at West, will coaches who are hired for those freshman teams be hired as freshman head coaches or varsity head coaches? Will they have to reapply for the varsity head coaching position when available or will they have the opportunity to build the program before varsity competition starts? 
    A:  These coaches will be hired to coach the Freshman teams.  They would need to reapply for the varsity position when that opens. 

    Q:  With athletic fields being planned for phase 2, will the football field be turf?
    A:  At this time we do not anticipate “turfing” the playing surface at Liberty.  It will be a natural playing surface.

    Q:  Will there be sports the first year the school opens like football, baseball, etc.?  When will the fields be done?
    A:  We are still working through all of the opportunities including Varsity athletics.  There will not be varsity football the first year that Liberty opens.  We do know that we will have Freshman and Sophomore opportunities for most sports starting in the Fall of 2017.  The athletic fields are slated to be finished as part of Phase 2, which will be completed in 2019. 

    Q:  If you drive on Dubuque St. northbound you can see that the road turns just as it approaches the high school. During icy or wet weather this could prove dangerous as northbound vehicles could slide on that corner and the car would then continue toward the entrance of the school. Could some safety barriers (boulders, concrete posts, etc.) be placed next to the road to prevent this?
    A:  This may be referring to a temporary entrance.  They City of North Liberty will be doing a street widening project on Dubuque St. this summer that will add turning lanes to make it safer for all. 

    Q:  Do we have the option to open enroll at Liberty High?
    A:  The board has not yet determined if they will accept voluntary transfers to Liberty High School.

    Q:  Can you please address the plan for baseball and softball for 8th graders entering high school in the fall of 2016? Will they be allowed to tryout in the spring of 2016? If so, will they be trying out for a West or Liberty team?
    A:  There are no changes taking place for athletics in the summer of 2016.