Twain and Amazon

  • will donate .5% for most products when ordering through the Amazon Smile Program. 


    1. Login through
    2. Use your regular login and password information.
    3. When prompted to select a charity enter "Mark Twain P T O" in the search window (spaces are important in P T O). The search results should find our local Mark Twain PTO and it should say that its in Iowa City, IA
    4. Click on the yellow "select" bubble on the right side of the results section and you are good to go.

    Now every time you login through it will donate to our PTO. On the default screen below the main search bar it will show that your supporting Mark Twain P T O. It will also show it at check out.  If you ever want to change your charity, simply click on the small triangle to the right of "supporting Mark Twain P T O" below the search bar. In the future if you login to by mistake it will prompt you asking you if you want to switch to so a donation can be made. Thanks so much for supporting your Mark Twain PTO. Visit for more information.