English Language Learner (ELL) Screening and Program Centers

  • The Iowa City Community School District provides English Language Development instruction and specialized support in core subject areas for English Learners in all of our schools. We serve approximately 1,750 English Learners who represent 70+ different languages and dialects.

    22 Elementary Schools (K-6 grade):
    Alexander, Borlaug, Coralville Central, Garner, Grant, Hills, Hoover, Horn, ICCSD Online Grades K-6, Kirkwood, Lemme, Lincoln, Longfellow, Lucas, Mann, Penn, Shimek, Twain, Van Allen, Weber, Wickham, and Wood

    4 Junior High Schools (7-8 grade):
    ICCSD Online Grades 7-8, North Central Jr. High, Northwest Jr. High and South East Jr. High

    5 High Schools (9-12 grade):
    City High, Liberty High, ICCSD Online Grades 9-12, Tate High and West High

      Enrolling an English Language Learner

      • Students who speak a language other than English or in addition to English must take an English Language proficiency assessment when enrolling in our district as required by law.

        All new student enrollment occurs in the school that serves the area where the student lives. During the enrollment process, a Home Language Survey is filled out to indicate the student’s language background and experiences. The building secretary will then communicate with the district ELL Assessment Specialist if the Home Language Survey indicates a need to screen the student for English proficiency. All ELL screening takes place in the child’s school.

        If you have questions regarding the ELL Screening process, please contact the ELL Assessment Specialist at (319) 688-1320. You may also send a text message to (319) 333-0032. Please send text messages in the language that is most comfortable for you.

      Enrollment Documentation

      • Please bring the following documents when enrolling your child in our district:

        • Proof of student’s birthdate (an acceptable document would be a birth certificate, passport, or any official document that indicates the student’s name and birthdate)
        • Immunization records
        • Educational history documents
        • Proof of address (acceptable documents include renter’s agreement or utility bill – any document that proves the family is living at their current address)