ELL Program Curriculum Review 2014-2015

  • The Iowa City Community School District ELL Curriculum Surveys asked staff members (including teachers and guidance counselors), administrators, ELL students and parents of ELL students for feedback on the English Language Learner (ELL) program. The feedback will help the district determine strengths and weaknesses of the program so that needed improvements can be made. To ensure content validity, K12 Insight partnered with Lisa Boyer at Iowa City Community School District to develop the ELL Curriculum Surveys, which addressed the following topics:

    • Improving students’ reading, speaking and writing skills
    • The ELL curriculum
    • Awareness of the process to identify students for the ELL program
    • Awareness of the requirements for a student to exit the ELL program
    • Assessing ELL students
    • Serving preschool ELL students
    • Parent engagement
    • Professional development for staff members and administrators