Little Hawk Booster Committee Chairs

Position Name
President Doug Fredericks
Vice President
Secretary Anna McComas
Treasurer Neal Hunger


  • Booster Club Representatives (4): Serves as Little Hawks Club representatives to the Iowa City Booster Club. Attends monthly meetings, when they can and reports on Little Hawks Club activities. Currently meetings are held the 2nd Friday of the month @ 8 a.m. at the Chamber of Commerce.

    • Doug Fredericks
    • Ursula Fellows
    • Rob McComas
    • Chris Varo


    Membership: Solicits members for the Little Hawks Club and maintains data base of members with membership levels and volunteer interests. Organizes and manages sales of Gold Cards, Student Activity Tickets, and Sports Punch Cards.

    • Chairs: Ron & Danelle Knoche/ additional help needed   

    Public Relations: In charge of information updates for the website. Terry is more than happy to apply them to our website but he just needs the information sent to him. If you happen to have webmaster experience that would be great as we would love to continue to build an interactive, informational site for anyone to visit and learn about all the great things our club is doing for our student athletes. Posting events and information on our social media sites as well: Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat filters.

    • Chairs: 

    Concessions Purchasing and Administration: Organizes and manages the purchase and stocking of products to be sold by concession stands. Works with the Treasurer to get start-up cash for change making and compiles cash totals at the end of each event.

    • Chairs: Danelle Knoche / Julie Varo

    Spirit Items: Organizes the sale of City High Spirit items for fund raising and to promote school spirit. Orders and manages inventory, sales, PR and attends events to sell items.

    • Chairs: Kapra Hefley and Kevin & Holly Bailey

    Football Concessions: (only HOME football games) Responsibilities include: set-up/open in the main stand, set-up/open the Hy-Vee area, set-up/open visitors side, make sure volunteers are there and know what to do, go between the 3 sites to move food and product as needed, distribute and collect money between the 3 sites, tear down Hy-Vee area upon completion (halftime varsity), watch pizza and order as needed, make decisions on amounts of food to grill and distribute, make hot chocolate and determine need for that, close up the concession stands, count money at end, other duties as needed.

    • Chairs: Danelle Knoche and Julie Varo

    Fall Kick-off Barbeque: Organizes the Little Hawks Club activities at Fall Sports Kickoff Night including BBQ Dinner, Membership Table and Spirit Item sales.

    • Chairs:   Carrie Watson and Ursula Fellows      

    Concessions/Gate Keeping for each Sport: Organizes volunteers using Sign Up Genius and assigned sports teams to staff the concession and ticket taking for each event.   Coordinates with the Concessions Purchasing & Administration Chair for start up cash and close-out money count for each event. 

    • Football Regular Season and Playoffs
      • Gate Keeping/Concessions: Ron Knoche / Doug Fredericks
    • Volleyball
      • Gate Keeping/Concessions: Carrie Watson
    • Boys Basketball
      • Gate Keeping/Concessions: Bronwyn Threlkeld- Wiegand
    • Girls Basketball
    • Gate Keeping/Concessions: still needed
    • Wrestling
      • Gate Keeping/Concessions: Liz Loughran 
    • Boys/Girls Track
    • Gate Keeping and occasional concessions only: LHC members cover
    • Soccer
    • Gate Keeping/Concessions: Carrie Watson
    • Softball
    • Gate Keeping/Concessions: Doug Fredericks

    Walk of Honor: Organizes and coordinates with the Athletic Director’s Office the sales of bricks for the Walk of Honor Program. Once an athlete receives their Varsity letter, they are eligible to have a brick purchased and laid in the gym foyer with their name on it.

    • Chair: Liz Loughran      

    Pancake Day: This is a Booster Club fund raising activity. The lead role for organization and management of this event alternates between the Little Hawks Club (even years) and Club West (odd years). Liberty High will eventually be in the rotation as well. During the “off year” the committee assists the other school and serves as an understudy for their lead role the following year.

    • Chairs: Anna McComas & Carrie Watson
    • Ticket Sales Chairs:
    • Business/Solicitation Chair:
    • Advertising and Promotion :
    • Raffle Sales:
    • Spirit Store:                                  
    • Personnel Volunteers
    • Entertainment:


    • Chairs: Ron & Danelle Knoche / shadow volunteers needed to take over
    • Concessions: still needed