• Daily attendance at school is critical for academic success.  Make school attendance a priority. 

    The City High School Attendance Office is open from 8:00AM to 4:30PM daily 
    Please contact the office at by calling (319)688-1041 or emailing,
    Attendance Secretary, Renee Tonning ( 

    Absence Procedures

    1. When a student knows in advance that he/she will miss school, he/she should makeup the work before the absence. Students should bring a written excuse from parents stating the reason for the absence. 
    2. When a student is absent because of an unforeseen event such as illness, parents should call the office between 8:00AM to 4:30PM (688-1041).  
    If it is not possible to phone, the parent should send written notice with the student when the student returns to school or correspond with the Dean of Students via email.  If a student is absent multiple days in a row, it is necessary to inform the school each day your student will be gone.
    Students absent more than 3 consecutive days should present a doctor’s excuse to return to school. Students whose parents phone will not be required to bring a written note to school. Those not phoning will be required to bring a note, signed by the parent, stating the nature of the illness. If neither of the above two procedures have been followed, the student may be asked to phone home from the office so that the absence may be verified.

    3. A student will have two days to make up work for the first day absent. From that point they will have one day to make up work for each day absent, up to teacher discretion. The administration may grant additional days in special circumstances.

    4. If you return to school during the school day when classes are in session, always go first to the attendance office and sign in. This tells the Attendance office that you have returned and helps keep an accurate attendance record.
    Consistent and prompt attendance in every class is critical for successful academic performance.
    An unexcused absence may result in no credit for class work that day.
    For pre-excused/school-related absences students should have work for the day completed prior to being excused. Students should be prepared to take a quiz, test, or submit assignments on the day of his/her return to school.
    The tardy policy will be enforced by each classroom teacher. 

    It is the policy of the ICCSD to encourage regular attendance on the part of its students. By Iowa law, a child who is under sixteen years old by September 15 must attend school. Parents, legal guardians, or custodians of a child are responsible for the child to attend school during the school year.
    In order for the City High School staff to do the best possible job of educating our students, they must be in regular attendance. A successful educational program requires the cooperation of the parents, the student, and the school staff. We cannot teach a student who is not present.

    The following policy has been developed to encourage good attendance and is outlined in the 2016-2017 CHS Student Handbook:

    Absence Types
    Type I-“Excused”-“EX” •Parent calls the child in absent •Examples include but are not limited to: illnesses, family emergencies
    Type II –“Unexcused”-“UA” •Truancy, skip days, tardy over 10 minutes •See page Student Handbook, page 21 for consequences
    Type III – “Activity”- “ACT” •School related absences •Examples include but are not limited to: school field trips, school sponsored events, college visits (4/year)
    Type IV-“Appointment”-“APPT” •Pre-Approved Appointments •Examples include but are not limited to: medical and legal appointments with a note from the medical office, funerals, weddings, and family trips up to 10 days per year, family emergencies
    Type V-“Administrative”-“Admin.” •Administrative Approved •Examples include In-School and Out of School Suspensions, students being pulled from class, and other Administrative related occurrences.
    Type VI-“No Dress in PE”-“ND” •You were in class but lost points due to not dressing out.

    Classroom Tardies
    A student is considered unexcused tardy up to 10 minutes after the bell rings.
    After 10 minutes a student will be counted absent.
    If a teacher has kept you, secure a pass from the teacher before leaving. Present this pass slip to the next teacher.
    Students coming into a classroom or study hall after the tardy bell rings will be counted as tardy unless they have been excused. 

    UNEXCUSED Tardies
    1. 1st & 2nd unexcused tardy will be a warning, 3rd unexcused tardy 30 minute detention.
    2. Three unexcused tardies to one class equals 1 unexcused absence.
    3. Each set of three unexcused tardies will follow the same cycle per class. At 12 unexcused tardies, students will need to apply for reinstatement or be dropped from the class with a “W”.

    Excused Absences
    1. Excessive excused absences – eight days or more during a term will be addressed by a school official.
    2. After 4 excused absences from one class an attendance letter will be sent home encouraging regular attendance practices.
    3. After 5 excused absences from one class a call from the attendance office will go home verifying the number of absences.
    4. After 8 excused absences from one class, a meeting will be arranged with an administrator to discuss the reasons for the absences.
    In addition, any absence beyond 8 in a trimester may require a doctor’s excuse. Absences that do not have doctor approval may be deemed unexcused and student is subject to being dropped from any class accumulating more than 5 unexcused absences in a trimester.

    Unexcused Absences
    1. 1st unexcused absence is a 45 minute detention and automated call home.
    2. Second unexcused absence equals a 45 minute detention and a personal phone call to parents by Dean or Administrator 3. Third unexcused absence equals parent/student/Dean meeting and 2 hours Friday School from 3:15-6:15pm or assigned detention time.
    4. Fourth unexcused absence equals parent/student Administrator meeting and 4 hours Saturday school. • On the 4th unexcused absence, the student will be given a choice to apply for reinstatement into the course or be dropped from the course with a “W” and placed into a study hall. Reinstatement into the course requires a meeting with the teacher and Dean to develop the criteria required for reinstatement. Reinstatements are not guaranteed.
    5. If reinstated, a fifth unexcused absence equals drop with a “W”. Parents will be notified of the drop.

    All Day Unexcused Absences (skipping school)
    1. First skipped day will be an automated phone call home and a 3-hour Friday School.
    2. Second skipped day will be a personal phone call and letter home and a 3-hour Friday School.
    3. Third skipped day a letter will be sent home and a meeting with parents and Dean of Students will be set up and two 4 hour Saturday Schools.
    4. With the fourth skipped day student will serve an ISS and apply for reinstatement. Parents and students will meet with Dean to discuss attendance issues and daily schedule. Other options (APEX, Tate, T3, Kirkwood, GED, reduced schedule) will be discussed. Open Hours/Study Hall Or Structured Study Hall All ninth and tenth grade students will be assigned to a structured study hall each period for which they have no