Car Line & Parking Lot Information

  • We continue to improve our drop off and pick up procedures. Our first priority is always to ensure that the kids can arrive and depart safely each day. Below are some recommendations that will assist in the efficiency of our process and help keep our children safe, along with a map to help illustrate our drop-off and pick-up procedures. 

    Car Line

    Drop Off and Pick Up Recommendations

    • We strongly encourage parents to use the car line both before and after school. This significantly reduces the amount of foot traffic in the parking lot during our most hectic times of the day. 
    • When using the car line, please plan for your student(s) to be able to exit/enter the car on the right hand side of the vehicle so they do not exit/enter into traffic.
    • If you need to walk your student into the building before school, please use the visitor parking spots located in the front row of the parking lot.
    • Before school, we have two car lines for dropping off students. 
      • Students being dropped off coming from South Front St and to the east please use the car line that circles the parking lot.
      • Students being dropped off coming from the west will use Birch Street to approach the school and use the former bus circle as your drop off lane. 
    • The last two lanes of the parking lot will be closed to through traffic in the morning.
    • After school, we will use the car line that surrounds the parking lot for personal vehicles picking up their children. The bus circle will remain open exclusively for buses, day care providers, and families with permission from the principal.  
    • The after-school car line begins at the marked line that is perpendicular to the first parking island. There is a line painted on the ground, and it will be marked with cones. Please do not park in front of this line for after school pick up. 
    • We are also asking families to please not park on Birch Street after school when picking up your children. This limits lanes of traffic and causes additional congestion. 

    We appreciate your cooperation in our efforts to make sure that all of our students remain safe during the drop-off and pick-up times. Please contact Principal Langenfeld directly at (319) 688-1190 or with any questions, comments, or concerns.