PBIS Parent Guide

  • Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (P.B.I.S.) 

    *We are Respectful
    *We are Responsible
    *We are Problem Solvers

    What is P.B.I.S.?
    PBIS is a set of strategies and systems that enables our school to:

    • Create a culture of positive behaviors
    • Reduce behavior disruptions
    • Create appropriate environments to educate all students.

    This approach fosters successful social behavior and encourages school staff, students, families and community members to work together to create a safe social culture with consistent expectations.

    How does PBIS do this?
    PBIS invests in prevention.  Some of the strategies include:

    • Proactive– identify the behaviors expected in all settings
    • Active teaching-teachers, students, families and community members often work together to teach and model appropriate behavior
    • Ongoing recognition of appropriate behavior-such as tangible rewards or verbal praise
    • Clear, consistent consequences for inappropriate student behavior
    • Additional support for students with more significant needs
    • Collecting and using data to make decisions 

    The Garner Pledge
    I am a Garner Gator.
    I know just what to do.
    I’m Respectful and Responsible and a Problem Solver too.

    I am a Gator Learner.
    On a journey to success.
    I'm reaching my potential.
    The #FinestGreatestBest.

    Go Gators!