• The elementary student council will give the student body a voice in decisions that concern them as individuals.  In helping to establish and carry out rules, more cooperation and respect for rules should come about.  With the establishment of this council, a better line of communication among and teachers will develop.  It is hoped that a council of this type, which represents the student body, will make Coralville Central Elementary School a place where everyone is an important person.


    A. Two students will represent each homeroom, 3rd through 6th grade. Council members will be selected by popular vote in each homeroom.  Council member may serve one semester during a school year.  

    B. There will be new council members and officers each semester, starting in the fall.  The president will be from 5th-6th grades, the secretary from 3rd-6th grades.

    C. All council members receive one full vote on all issues to be voted on.  President will vote only in case of a tie. 

    D. The council will meet at 8:10am every other Monday in the Music Room (unless there are 5 weeks in a month). 

    E. The principal or a faculty member will be advisor to the council. 

    • The advisor will represent the faculty at the council.  His/Her primary duties will be to advise, coordinate and recommend topics for discussion at meetings. 
    • The advisor, with the president, will prepare the agenda for each meeting. 
    • The council will appoint sub-committees at such times as needed. 

    I. In conducting meetings, Robert’s Rules of Order will be followed as closely as possible.

    J. Students, teachers, and parents may attend meetings at any time.  Also, they may recommend issues to be discussed at the council meeting. 

    K. It is the duty of each council member to report back to his/her class all issues covered by the student council in respect to the classrooms.

    L. It shall be the duty of the secretary, with the assistance of the principal or advisor, to approve the minutes of each meeting.  Copies of these minutes will be provided to each classroom to be read by the representatives when applicable.