Overview of Classroom Guidance

  • What is classroom guidance?
    It is important to note that classroom guidance is not the only role of a school counselor. Classroom guidance is one part of the school counseling comprehensive program.

    The American School Counselor Association National Model (ASCA) describes the school guidance curriculum as a “written instructional program that is comprehensive in scope, preventative and proactive, developmental in design, coordinated by school counselors and delivered, as appropriate, by school counselors and other educators”. The curriculum should align with the school counseling program’s philosophy, goals, and student competencies. There are multiple ways to deliver the curriculum; one example is integrating the guidance curriculum with classroom subjects. 

    What is the purpose of classroom guidance?
    Classroom guidance curriculum meets the ASCA National Standards as well as goals of the school district. According to ASCA, “the guidance curriculum promotes knowledge, attitudes, and skills through instruction in three content areas: academic achievement, career development, and personal/social growth”. 

    How is classroom guidance implemented in the ICCSD?
    Topics related to health and safety have been integrated into science, social studies, physical education, and classroom guidance. One health and safety topic that is delivered by classroom guidance is sexual abuse prevention with the Michigan Model. The second health and safety topic that is delivered by classroom guidance is bullying prevention with the Steps to Respect Program. Kindergarten classrooms will receive weekly lessons. Grades 1-6 classrooms will receive approximately 18 lessons per school year.