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Do you have questions about the Iowa City Home School Assistance Program?

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    Both the ICHSAP, dual enrollment or a combination of the two (ICHSAP+dual enrollment), are accessible to families wishing to home school and living in the Iowa City Community School District.

    The ICHSAP program offers optional, drop-in enrichment classes (P.E., Art, Science, etc.) as well as support from our supervising teachers. The ICHSAP supervising teachers do not teach core curriculum and if you decide to home school and sign up for the ICHSAP, your child's core curriculum will be chosen and taught by the parent or a hired teacher. The ICHSAP supervising teachers will support your teaching and help answer any questions you may have. Participation in the ICHSAP requires four contacts/quarter (two of these in person) with one of our supervising teachers. 

    The ICHSAP follows the ICCSD district calendar and district cancellations including late starts and early dismissals due to inclement weather.  Enrichment programming follows our quarterly calendar with quarterly blocks of classes and additional special educational events. 

    Our ICHSAP resource library has a growing collection of award-winning children’s literature and updated curricular resources for parent educators.  The ICHSAP utilizes technology during enrichment classes and provides dedicated 1:1 devices to all ICHSAP students for academic use at home and during ICHSAP enrichment classes.  All ICHSAP resource library materials and 1:1 devices are due back to the ICHSAP resource library prior to the end of the school year in May. 

    Services from the Iowa City Community School District, Kirkwood Regional Center, and Grant Wood Area Education Agency (GWAEA) are available to ICHSAP students. The ICHSAP provides administration of state assessments including the Iowa State Assessments of Student Progress and the FAST reading and mathematics universal screening assessments for K-6.  GWAEA curriculum resource library and online educational resources are available as well as hearing and vision screening.

    The ICHSAP has a PTO that meets once a month and there are opportunities to network during enrichment hours in the ICHSAP family lounge.

    Please visit the ICHSAP Enrollment (click for link) section of our website for information about the ICHSAP and enrollment.

    More information about dual enrollment can be found in the Dual Enrollment (click for link) section of our website.

    Contact Information and Building Hours:


    Our Building Secretary, Emily Minnie, is available to answer questions or help set up an appointment for you to visit at (319) 688-1302 or minnie.emily@iowacityschools.org

    The Iowa City Home School Assistance Program is located at-
    1400 Grissel Place
    Iowa City, IA 52245

    Supervising Teachers


    ICHSAP Building, Library and Office Hours 
    The ICHSAP building, library and office will be open by appointment or scheduled class attendance only. Please contact the building secretary at minnie.emily@iowacityschools.org to set up an appointment. 

    ICHSAP Library 
    Questions about library resources? Please email Linda Johnson, ICHSAP teacher librarian, at johnson.linda@iowacityschools.org or stop by the library for assistance from our staff.

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