Why study French?

    • Nearly 30% of modern English words find their origins in French.
    • French is spoken in 57 countries and territories on 5 major continents.
    • French has approximately 75 million native speakers and 190 million secondary speakers.
    • French is the second most commonly taught world language in the United States.
    • Six million people in America speak French fluently as a second or foreign language. (Some estimate this number to be as high as 11 million people.)
    • French speakers are in demand in banking and finance, international market analysis, diplomacy, hotel management, international trade, journalism and media, aviation, national security, education, translation and interpretation, healthcare, customer service, tourism, and law enforcement.
    • The US is the leading investor in France. Over 3,700 American companies operate in France. France is the second largest investor in the US. Among foreign countries doing business in the US, France employs the 3rd largest number of Americans.
    • Most major American cities, including New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston, have an active French community.
    • In colonial times, Iowa was a part of French Louisiana and Spanish Louisiana; its state flag is patterned after the flag of France.
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