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Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

The AVID program was introduced to our District back in 2016. Over the past six years, AVID has steadily expanded its reach to encompass all seven secondary schools, catering to students from grades seven through twelve.

At its core, AVID is driven by a mission to bridge the achievement gap. Its goal is to equip every student with the tools and mindset needed for success in college, careers, and a global society. AVID sets students on the path to college, encouraging them to enroll in challenging courses, including honors and Advanced Placement® classes.

To bolster their academic journey, AVID students receive instruction in organizational skills, study techniques, critical thinking, and the art of posing insightful questions. They also benefit from academic support from both peers and college tutors, along with engaging in enrichment and motivation-boosting activities—all aimed at transforming their college aspirations into reality.

AVID Programs

AVID Tutors

Tutors play a pivotal role in driving the success of the AVID program. These dedicated tutors, often from nearby colleges, undergo specialized training to collaborate with students both in study groups and one-on-one. Their primary aim is to support students across all academic areas, helping them make strides aligned with the standards and expectations of college-level education.

academic strategies

WICOR provides a learning model that educators can use to guide students in comprehending concepts and articulating ideas at increasingly complex levels within developmental, general education, and discipline­-based curricula.


Our AVID Schools

Kirkwood Elementary

North Central Junior High

Northwest Junior High

South East Junior High

City High

Liberty High

Tate High

West High