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Program Standards
Shaping our Future Teachers

Our standards are anchored by the Educators Rising Standards and were developed with support from the National Education Association (NEA). These seven standards define what high school students exploring teaching need to know and be able to do to take their first steps on the path to teaching proficiency.

 standard I

Understanding the Profession

Rising educators learn about the profession to explore career opportunities, develop skills they need, and make informed decisions about pathways to accomplished teaching.

Standard II

Learning About Students

Rising educators learn about themselves and their students for the purpose of building relationships and supporting student development.

Standard III

Building Content Knowledge

Rising educators learn how to build content knowledge for the purpose of creating relevant learning opportunities for their students.

Standard IV

Engaging in Responsive Planning

Rising educators learn how to respond to students’ needs through thoughtful planning.

Standard V

Implementing Instruction

Rising educators learn effective instructional strategies to engage students and promote learning.

Standard VI

Using Assessments and Data

Rising educators learn to use assessments and interpret data for the purpose of making decisions that will advance teaching and learning.

Standard VII

Engaging in Reflective Practice

Rising educators learn how reflective practice enables them to advance student learning and grow professionally.