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Looking to Use Space in our Buildings?
Complete the steps below to make your request

If you're looking to use any of the facilities in the Iowa City Community School District, don't worry, we've got you covered! Please follow the steps below to submit a request for one of our spaces! Once your application is given the green light and we've checked if the space you want is available, we'll send you an email with all the details. This includes any rental fees you might need to know about and the need for a Certificate of Insurance. If for some reason we can't approve your request, we'll give you a heads-up. Your request may take up to 3-5 days to process. (By the way, you can find all the details in our Policy Guidelines 905.1G1, 905.1G2, and 905.1G3.)

Just a heads-up, you won't be able to use our elementary buildings during the summer months as we navigate facilities projects! Please keep it simple by sending only one request per building.

When the District has a school cancellation or early release due to weather, all facility use reservations are cancelled. Please contact Kiane Lippold if you have any questions.

Step 1: 

Fill out the Form

Complete the Request Space and Information Form before proceeding to step 2.

Step 2:

Become a Requester

After filling out the form in step 1, head to the rSchoolToday and click "become a requester".

The following schools have a 28E Agreement for rentals at their building. Please contact the Parks & Rec Department noted by the school to make reservations:

Borlaug Elementary: 
Coralville Parks & Rec
Garner Elementary: 
North Liberty Parks & Rec
Van Allen Elementary: 
Coralville Parks & Rec
Wickham Elementary: 
Coralville Parks & Rec
Wood Elementary: 
Iowa City Parks & Rec

Building Contacts

Please note, requests for facility use are only made through rSchoolToday by following the steps above. Requests are not made by contacting the school directly. However, if you have specific questions about spaces available for use in a particular school, you may use the contact list below for your inquiry.

Building Name Phone Email
Alexander Elementary   (319) 688-1095  
Borlaug Elementary Melissa Lopez (319) 688-1155
City High Ann Hanrahan (319) 688-1040
Coralville Central Elementary Sarah Beneke (319) 688- 1100
Educational Services Building Kiane Lippold (319) 688-1020
Garner Elementary Joan Williams (319) 688-1190
Grant Elementary Beth Whitty (319) 688-1500
Hoover Elementary Hannah Born (319) 688-1110
Horn Elementary   (319) 688- 1115  
Kirkwood Elementary Cybil Miller (319) 688- 1120
Lemme Elementary Vicki Ward (319) 688- 1125
Liberty High Lyn Prelle (319) 688-1350
Lincoln Elementary Angela Kessler (319) 688-1130

Longfellow Elementary

  (319) 688-1135  
Lucas Elementary Lillie Christophersen (319) 688-1140
Mann Elementary Linda Prybil (319) 688- 1145
North Central Middle School Carla Brinkman (319) 688-1210
Northwest Middle School Lauren Rios (319) 688-1060
Penn Elementary Marge Hartman (319) 688-1150

Shimek Elementary Sally Sadaro (319) 688-1160
South East Middle School Rachel Hills (319) 688-1070
Tate High Rachel Howell (319) 688-1080
Twain Elementary   (319) 688-1165  
Van Allen Elementary Karen Smith (319) 688- 1185
Weber Elementary   (319) 688-1170  
West High Brianna Nigg (319) 688-1050
Wickham Elementary Emily MacLeod (319) 688-1175
Wood Elementary Zoe Charlery (319) 688-1180