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Fundraising Requests

Let's talk fundraising! We use fundraising to give our District an extra boost when it comes to money and resources. It helps us buy things we need, get services, and even spruce up our facilities. But, to keep things organized and considerate of local businesses and community members, we've set up a fundraising approval process.

Now, when we say fundraising, we mean any time someone asks for money or help, whether it's from individuals, groups, or businesses, all on behalf of our District, a school, or a program. Yep, even those grant proposals count! The Fundraising Approval Committee takes a look at all these proposals before they kick off. They'll check the scope, timing, and how you're reaching out to potential donors. They also work closely with the Foundation for the ICCSD.

If you're planning a fundraising campaign, you'll need to fill out the form on this page and follow the guidelines outlined. And here's a quick note: if your campaign aims to improve District facilities, the Committee will chat with the Operations team before they give the thumbs up.

Now, for campaigns with a sponsor that doesn't have tax-exempt status, they'll need to team up with the Foundation for the ICCSD to handle larger-scale donations and all the paperwork that goes with it. The Foundation's got its own rules about fees and procedures, so they'll guide those campaigns.

But if your campaign is tax-exempt, you'll need to provide that information before you start any events. Regardless of the tax status, you'll have to get the Committee's approval first, and you've got to have all the funds either in the District's hands (for tax-exempt sponsors) or the Foundation for the ICCSD's (for non-tax-exempt sponsors) before you can order materials or start those facility improvements. Pledges are great, but they don't count as collected funds for these guidelines.


Any questions about these guidelines should be directed to the Chair of the Fundraising Approval Committee, Kristin Pedersen, at