About Our School

  • The Theodore Roosevelt Educational Center (TREC) serves students in 7th through 12th grade.  Students are referred to TREC from their secondary school (referred to as homeschool).  Referrals may occur in three formats: 

    1. Proactive Support:  As students return from residential facilities, treatment centers, detention or other placements, teams meet to determine what supports will be necessary to assist a student as they re-enter the district and community.   If the student is receiving special education services the IEP team will meet to determine what supports are needed. Often the students’ needs can be met at the home school.  Sometimes the teams will determine a more systematic; wrap-around approach is needed to ensure a successful transition.  In these cases a student may begin at TREC or a blended program between TREC and the home school. 
    2. School based referrals:  Some students are referred to TREC because they are struggling at the home school for a variety of reasons.  Homeschool administrators will contact the Director of Student Services and a team will meet to develop plans to support the student.  Parents, students, homeschool representatives, and other community supports are an integral part of the team.  If the student is receiving special education services, the IEP team will be utilized.
    3. Discipline incidents in the school/ larger community:  Significant behavior incidents such as long term suspensions and expulsions may result in placement at TREC. These placements are made by the Assistant Superintendent (long term suspensions) or School Board (expulsions). 

    TREC offers transitional programming.  TREC is not a school but instead is an extension of the home school.   Individual plans are developed for students to meet their unique needs.  Students receive individualized academic programming.  Instruction is delivered in small groups by Iowa City School District Teachers.  Students stay on track towards graduation as they receive credit and grades.  Students’ educational plans are built in conjunction with the home school administrator, teachers and guidance counselor.  TREC staff strives to build an academic program that will be successful for each student.  On-line learning options are also available. 

    TREC is designed to determine the root cause that is preventing student success in their home school.  Teams (made up of parents, students, and all support services a student is receiving) develop and implement plans which may include a therapeutic setting, social skills groups, Aggression Replacement Training (ART), individual counseling and exposure to post-secondary opportunities and vocational training.  Case management and wrap around support is built in to each student’s plan. 

    TREC is successful when students transition back into their homeschool.  Transition planning and a systematic approach to reintegration provide support as students return to their home school to ensure a successful re-entry. 

    Student Advisory Center (SAC)
    TREC houses the District’s Student Advisory Center. The SAC provides educational programming to students that have been suspended from their secondary school.  TREC staff collaborates with the home school staff to ensure the student completes work during their suspension so they can maintain their academics.  SAC students are also offered individual and group sessions to assist the students in skill building when applicable.