• Cross Country

Start Date

Practice Times

  • Practices are held immediately after school unless weather conditions dictate otherwise.
    M, Tu, W, F: 4:15–5:15 PM
    Thursdays: 3:15–4:15 PM

Meet Schedule

  • 2023-2024 schedule can be found on Bound

  • running shoes

Important Reminders

  • Forms

    All runners must have a signed and current physical form, permission to practice form, and "heads up" concussion fact sheet on file in the office prior to practicing.


    If a runner must miss a practice, except for an illness, they must be excused by one of the head coaches prior to that practice. Workouts will vary depending on time of year, condition of the runner, and weather. Athletes will improve only if they believe in and follow the program’s training. The runner should inform his/her parent or guardian and the coach of any injuries. The runner’s attitude, hard work, dedication, and contribution to the team are extremely important to Viking Cross Country. They will help us have a fun and rewarding season!


    The school will outfit the entire team in Northwest uniforms. Runners should take good care of these uniforms. Runners are responsible for any lost items and will be charged accordingly. Cross country uniforms are not to be worn at any times other than at meets. Uniforms should be washed after each race. Running shoes are the one other important piece of “equipment” for cross country. Contact one of the coaches with any questions about shoes.


    Junior High Boys and Girls race roughly two miles. Cross country is not a sitting-spectator sport. You are encouraged to cheer the runners on at different areas along the course. The start/finish line area is the most congested. Each runner receives a number as they finish that corresponds with their “spot” in the race. The team’s first five runners’ finishing spots (not times) determine the team’s score. The five places are added up for the team score. A perfect score (runners finishing 1st–5th) is 15. The lower the score, the better the team places. There is no limit to the number of runners for junior high.


    Transportation will be provided to and from meets. Athletes are welcome to ride home with parents following cross country meets. Please inform one of the coaches by written note or email if you are transporting your athlete home from the meet.


    Northwest has a great tradition of parent involvement. We appreciate the support that parents can provide. 

    Parents are also encouraged to join their student(s) and other Northwest athletes in helping to clean Kinnick Stadium on Sunday mornings after home football games. This is the major fundraising avenue for the booster club, and it takes all of our support throughout the year. These funds are for all sports during all seasons. Our athletes meet in the south end zone of the stadium at 7:30 AM. The job usually takes about one and a half hours to complete. Please help us out. Following are the dates for NW athletes to attend Kinnick Stadium Cleanup: TBD.

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    Activities Secretary
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    Phone: (319) 688-1060