District Library Program

  • Library Program Good schools have good school libraries. Good school library programs help students learn and teachers teach.

    The best school libraries are centers of learning in their schools and this is what each of our libraries strives to be. They are permeated by a culture of literacy, where the development of skills and interest in multiple literacies as well as inquiry, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and digital citizenship are promoted and practiced. Technological and information literacies, along with reading development and promotion, are basic to the mission of the 21st century school library. We believe we have strong, vibrant libraries in schools throughout our district: well-used facilities, diverse collections, relevant curriculum, well-integrated technologies.

    Teacher Librarians in the District work to ensure that the Vision for Iowa's School Libraries is achieved in each of our school libraries, demonstrating a strong commitment to:

    • teach students to think critically and independently to construct new understanding and insights from varied information sources
    • lead and embrace the integration of technology to enhance learning
    • connect communities of learners in virtual and physical spaces
    • collaborate with the school community to design and enact rigorous learning experiences and participate as positive digital citizens
    • maximize access to quality print and digital resources
    • champion and support the reading life of students
    • nurture curiosity to develop in students a passion for learning for life

    Mission and Belief Statements

Library Coordinator