Math Curriculum

  • The District recognizes a rapidly changing, culturally diverse world characterized by advanced and evolving technology. It is the intent of the District to offer a quality math program where students become better decision-makers using instructional strategies that will recognize and respect all learning styles and levels of cognitive development. 

    The math curriculum will foster mathematical literacy. Math instruction will encourage students to become independent thinkers who are active, creative problem solvers able to effectively apply skills, strategies and concepts with confidence. District students will then be prepared to address complex societal issues in a responsible manner.

    The principal theme of K-6 mathematics is the development of number sense. Problem-solving, mental computation, estimation, and application are parts of all strands. Emphasis is placed on concept development on a continuum from the concrete to the abstract. 

    The junior high and high school programs are designed to offer students a variety of choices to meet their individual needs and interests. Many of the same ideas that are emphasized in the K-6 program are reinforced in 7-12. It is the intent of the 7-12 program to provide students with experiences that:

    • encourage and enable them to value mathematics
    • enable them to gain confidence in their own mathematical ability
    • assist them in becoming mathematical problem solvers
    • allow them to communicate mathematically
    • enable them to reason mathematically
    • meet the needs, interests, and performance levels of individual students or groups of students
    • prepare all students for the world of today and tomorrow
    • promote equal access and opportunity for all students

    Acceleration Guidelines for Students in K-6 Mathematics

    The Iowa City Community School District provides an enriched mathematics curriculum for all students in grades K-6 with opportunities for extension rather than acceleration for most students. Grade acceleration in math impacts the student’s future math instruction in all subsequent grades and is not an action to be taken lightly. The profile of a strong acceleration candidate would include the following characteristics:

    • Scores that are consistently well above the class average on daily work and assessments
    • Interest in and successful completion of classroom enrichment/extension opportunities
    • Social and emotional maturity
    • Exemplary work and study habits
    • Strong interest in math and motivation to do challenging work

Curriculum Coordinators