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  • The World Language Program of the Iowa City Community School District begins in grade eight at all three junior high schools and continues through Level V (Seal of Biliteracy) at the high schools. The World Language program also offers honors-level courses, in addition to AP French and AP Spanish classes. Students in AP level world language courses have opportunities to receive college credit by taking the AP Language and Culture Exam for French and Spanish.

    World Language courses are offered as electives for junior high and high school students. The 8th-grade year is equivalent to the Level I course offered at the high schools. Students who complete this program are eligible to enroll in a Level II course in grade nine and may complete five years of language study, culminating with the Seal of Biliteracy (Level V) in grade twelve. 

    Opportunities for travel abroad to France, Costa Rica, and Spain are also facilitated through participation in the World Language Program.

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