Ms. Claire Hanson

  • Ms. Hanson      

    Hello Students and Families!  

    Hanson LA8 now resides in room E215.  More room... more opportunities.  Woohoo!

    • Families and Students - Big Note:  we will be transitioning to CANVAS this year.  I'm learning as fast as I can!  You should have better access to calendars, assignments, and information.  Stay tuned!  make sure to stay on top of your work by checking the CANVAS CALENDAR. 
    • Assignments, Quizes, and such things will most likely still be done using Google Classroom - linked to Canvas until we can totally transition.  
    • Students and Families - you may click on the calendar link (CALENDAR LINK)   to have an overall view of the trimester in this Google Doc calendar.  (Note that the Canvas Calendar is interactive)   Always feel free to email me with any questions.
    • You can contact me at
    • Students may check out a Language Arts text book from the library and keep it at home for the entire school year.
    • We will employ various media for our reading and writing projects.  
    • Make sure your student comes to school with their Chromebooks charged and ready.  Please - leave charging cables at home!  Bring the Chromebook in the provided carry case.