Little Hawk Advisory

  • Little Hawk Advisory is aimed at helping all students, including those with rigorous course loads and those who struggle with school work.  Advisory time is 26 minutes between 5th and 6th periods every day except Thursday (early out).  An alternate bell chimes after fifth period, signaling that students should either stay in their fifth-period classes to work on assignments or seek academic assistance from teachers, if they have passes. Students can request passes or teachers can issue them to students.  Students are to be unplugged, working on homework, projects, class work, or school activities.  Students are also frequently given the opportunity to extend their learning via guest speakers, special workshops or teacher and guidance led seminars.

    Students are referred to advisory using a teacher pass system.  Teachers may opt write a pass to a student to see them during advisory time.  Teachers include on the whether make-up work, homework help, or a lesson re-teach will be completed during the time.  Students may also ask teachers for passes to come and receive additional help and are pushed to advocate for their own academic success.

  • Little Hawk Advisory is...

    • a time to work with teaches in smaller groups
    • a chance to get started on homework
    • an opportunity to read for enjoyment
    • a quiet academic time in the day
    • an electronics-free time
    • short, so bring all your materials to fifth period
    • a chance to participate in seminars and workshops; and
    • something that will only work if we all commit to it.

    Little Hawk Advisory is not...

    • a time to go to the restroom, be on phones, or go get drinks
    • a free period. It is still academic.