PTO Information

  • Meetings

    The Twain Parent Teacher Organization meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 to 7:30 PM in the Twain Library. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Childcare is provided.


    President: Katie Iverson
    Vice President, Staff Care and Parent Engagement: Ellie Abernasky
    Vice President, Internal Fundraising: Colleen Willson
    Vice Present, External Fundraising: Kent Benedict
    Secretary: Mike Schluckebier
    Treasurer: Cory Berwald

    Who We Are

    The Mark Twain Elementary PTO is made up of parents and teachers just like you who are involved to make sure our kids have the best resources and education possible. Academic success needs a partnership of the principal, teachers, AND parents! This is the purpose of the PTO.

    The PTO is only as effective as the parents involved. So, we need YOU―your time (but not too much), energy, and passion about your child’s education. Please join us once a month for 90 minutes; we know it’s possible to make the time because we’re also busy with jobs, family, and other commitments.

    What We Do

    Mark Twain parents regularly attend school board meetings to advocate for the resources necessary to benefit our children's education. If you are interested in attending with us, or if you have an issue you would like brought to the school board's attention, please email us at

    Here are some of the things the PTO contributes to Twain:

        Field trips and other educational ventures
        FREE School spirit tee-shirts (once a year)
        Teacher support (financial and supplies)
        School Directory
        PBIS Special Days Snack
        6th Grade Graduation Reception
        Visiting Artists
        Annual Carnival

    In the past, the PTO has provided computers and Smart Boards for our classrooms and purchased and built the expanded Twain playground. All these and more we can do with your help.

    Contact Us

    Join us on Facebook page, Mark Twain Elementary PTO, or reach us at