Welcome to the Twain Library!

  • Twain students enjoying the library
    Hello, and thank you for visiting the Mark Twain Library page!

    My name is Lisa Collier, and I have the pleasure and privilege of being the librarian at Mark Twain Elementary. Together with our part-time library secretary, Kathy Hansen, I hope to provide Mark Twain students with library experiences that foster enthusiasm for books and enjoyment of reading, help students gain the skills and confidence needed to be independent users of the library, and prepare them for a lifetime of continued learning.

    It is our goal to encourage Twain students to:
    • find books they want to read and discover new types of literature to enjoy.
    • view our library as a friendly, accessible resource to find answers to questions.
    • be knowledgeable, confident, and responsible library users.
    • see our library as a positive, enjoyable place to visit!

    Please feel free to contact me at collier.lisa@iowacityschools.org or (319) 688-1167.

District Library Mission

  • The mission of the library program in the Iowa City Community School District is to provide an engaging, dynamic instructional program that equips students with life-long learning skills, delivered in an environment that optimizes services to support and enhance teaching, learning and literacy.