General Information

  • James Van Allen Elementary is named after the internationally famous pioneer in space exploration and physics professor, James Van Allen who taught at the University of Iowa. Our uniquely designed school features many environmentally friendly features including natural lighting and was a LEED certified building upon opening in 2005.

    Van Allen Elementary is a community of learners. Families and staff members work collaboratively to support students and meet the academic challenges of today’s learners. We use technology to encourage students to reach their learning goals. Our staff members work with students to honor diverse cultures and promote intellectual and cultural understanding. 

    Each student is encouraged to respond in a positive and constructive manner. Students work in groups to encourage skill development in building cooperation and in accepting responsibility. Teachers work to build strong relationships with students that nourish academic growth and emotional well-being. We are committed to a  system of positive behaviors that are taught and reinforced daily. Our teaching infuses critical thinking and problem-solving experience into the instruction of traditional curriculum content.

    For families who need extended childcare, the City of Coralville provides before and after school care. An oversized gym financed by a joint financial venture with the City of Coralville enhances Van Allen’s learning programming. The facility is used during after-school hours for community programs run by the City of Coralville.