General Information

  • Wickham is a wonderful place to be! From the talented and dedicated staff to the creative and hard-working students, our school focuses on high levels of learning and building strong character. In fact, when Kate Wickham Elementary opened its doors on August 25, 1997 the very framework used to guide the school’s journey to continual educational excellence focused upon four essential pillars of an exceptional education; providing a positive climate for learning, establishing the school as a community, learning within a curriculum with coherence, and maintaining a commitment to character. These tenants continue to be the foundation of the educational experience students receive at our school. 

    Our staff believes in a collaborative professional environment where working together is the best method to provide student success. Viewing students as “all our students” creates an environment of team work and acting upon the belief that we are all responsible for each student’s learning. This team approach entails clearly articulated learning standards, ongoing assessment, differentiated instruction, and celebrations of learning; all attributing to the consistently high academic assessment results we achieve. 

    Supporting the academic process are clearly defined behavior expectations with a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement. In addition, establishing positive parent and community partnerships has long been a key to student success. Our active parents assist in providing a varietyof family events that achieve both a focus on community building and showcasing the many talents of our students. Wickham is a wonderful place because we establish a positive climate for learning, build strong character, provide rigorous learning experiences, and connect our school with the broader community.

    Over the years, Wickham has been recognized for high academic achievement and an enriching educational experience, yet it’s the pride we take in our students that deserves the acknowledgement. Wickham is a wonderful place to learn and grow!