School Overview

  • Built in 1938 as a joint project between the Iowa City Community School District and The Public Works Administration, City High School has served the students of Iowa City since 1939. 

    City High School is a special place with a rich and distinguished history. Our students are incredible, talented young people. Our families are highly supportive, active, and involved. Our faculty and staff represent true excellence in education. Our alumni share a common bond, and continually rally around our beautiful school. Together, we will all build on our proud tradition, and enter an amazing new era for “The School That Leads!” Our vision for City High School builds on our proud tradition. City High will be:

    • an academic powerhouse that delivers a world-class education;
    • a comprehensive high school with co-curricular activities that operate at an elite level in the great state of Iowa;
    • a place where all students are connected to our school so that they feel important, valued, and that they belong;
    • an institution with the highest code of ethics for students and staff; a place of deep respect and kindness;
    • a community with a powerful sense of pride, of school spirit.

    The main campus building is an imposing landmark situated on a hill overlooking the east side residential area of Iowa City. It has become a landmark and a source of pride for the community it serves. The outside facade of the high school has provided a sense of tradition and gives a basis fo the contemporary programs and current innovations taking place within its walls.

    City High School provides the knowledge, tools, and experiences necessary for students to fulfill their potential in society.

    • All people can learn.
    • Individuals learn in different ways.
    • People learn throughout their lives.
    • The entire community is responsible for education.
    • The individual is responsible for learning.
    • Challenge is necessary to achieve potential.
    • Expectations are directly related to performance.
    • Creative expression enhances people's lives.
    • Each person has intrinsic worth.
    • Self-esteem enhances personal motivation and achievement.
    • It is fundamental to value both equity and diversity.
    • A democratic society depends upon the active participation of educated citizens.
    • Free exchange of ideas is essential to education in our democratic society.
    • In a complex society, cooperation is essential.
    • School must be a safe environment.

    With the help of parents and with partners in the business and university communities, City High strives to impart useful skills, cultural histories, and democratic heritage while encouraging innovation and critical evaluation in a supportive environment.

    We are part of something bigger than ourselves. We are City High Little Hawks.