Welcome to Fifth Grade!

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  • Discovering Our Ethnicity and Learning About Culture Project

    Fifth Grade Students at Twain Elementary are busy researching their ethnicity and learning about culture from around the world. Students were invited to either research their own ancestors or learn about a country that interests them. The three-part project involves interviewing two people to learn more about their ethnic background and writing a paper or story based on the interviews, researching the country of choice and creating a poster, and presenting what they've learned to the class. Students will finish up interviewing over Thanksgiving break and then complete their papers and posters in the two weeks after break. We are looking forward to sharing our projects soon!

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  • November Newsletter

    English/Language Arts Update: Focus skills and strategies for November and December include:

    Reading: Determining the main idea and supporting details, monitoring and clarifying our own thinking while reading, linking cause and effect, identifying facts and opinions, visualizing, asking questions

    CCSS include: 5.RI.2 Finding the main idea/details, 5.RI.8- Explain how authors support an idea, 5.RI.10- Read and comprehend information texts appropriate for fifth grade.

    Writing: Persuasive writing, writing to respond, using and citing reference sources

    Grammar/Vocabulary: Analogies, direct and indirect quotations, subject and object pronouns, W.5.1- Writing opinion texts with supporting ideas.

    Math: Multiplying and dividing whole numbers and decimals is our November and December focus. This is part of the CCSS major cluster focus on place value for fifth grade.

    Social Studies- Fifth grade finished our study of American Indian Cultural Regions. We have been focusing on an individual ethnicity project to learn more about our backgrounds and to share what we've learned with others.

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  • Family Stories Linking Our Past to Our Future

    Our class will be busy interviewing family members this week in order to create a book of stories that have shaped us. Students are writing interview questions to ask a family member, and will especially be looking for a special story or tradition in their family in order to write a story. These stories will be added to a class book that each student will share with their families upon completion. We will be writing these stories over the next few weeks.

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    Thanks for attending conferences. It was great to see all of you!

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