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Evan Hartley

Evan Hartley is a graduate of the University of Iowa and has been working in the Iowa City Community School District for the last 12 years. He loves to read and write poetry and fiction. He enjoys gardening, walking his two dogs, Dr. Thompson and Lucy, and cooking.


PowerSchool Grading Symbols

  • Each midterm and trimester grade report will include a grade for academic engagement as perceived by Mr. Hartley. This grade is a reflection of how Mr. Hartley perceives the student’s dedication to academic success.

    A - An “A” student is actively engaged in class, and her/his engagement has a positive impact on the learning of peers. This means the student participates in class discussion, regularly volunteers thoughts regarding the current lesson, and completes class work with enthusiasm. This student’s behavior in class is mature, friendly, and it reflects a serious devotion to academic thought.  

    B - This student is clearly engaged in the class. This student’s behavior reflects a positive attitude that is beneficial to the classroom environment. This student may participate sometimes, but not regularly, to class discussion. This student may have occasional lapses in judgment when it comes to ideal classroom behavior. This student regularly brings necessary materials to class.

    C- This is a student whose positive contributions are negated by occasional disruptive behaviors or whose behavior contributes neither positively nor negatively to the classroom environment. The student may occasionally neglect to bring required materials to class.

    D - This is a student who is not actively engaged in the daily classroom lessons. The absence of concentration, little devotion to learning, and lack of urge to succeed makes it unlikely that this student is working up to his or her potential. This student’s behavior is occasionally disruptive to the learning environment, which has a negative impact on the learning of his or her peers. This student may also forget their necessary classroom materials frequently.  

    F- A student who receives an “F” for academic engagement is not actively engaged in the daily classroom lessons. Furthermore, it is often the case that this student’s behavior negatively impacts the ability of other students in the classroom to learn effectively. A student who earns a behavior grade of “F” requires frequent attention by the teacher to correct inappropriate behaviors.

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