General Information

  • Families of all different races and cultures call Kirkwood Elementary School home. We are a preschool through sixth-grade center with 400 students. Kirkwood is a true reflection of our world! There are sixteen different languages spoken by our families. We treasure and celebrate our diversity. 

    Our motto is "Kirkwood Eagles SOAR!" The eagle is our mascot, and the letters in SOAR coincide with our PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) theme and teaching. We (S) Support each other, (O) develop Outstanding leadership skills, (A) Always do our best, and are (R) Respectful and Responsible learners.

    Staff is passionate about student learning. Classrooms and common areas reflect student successes, accomplishments, and growth through student work, goal setting, data binders and data walls, and posted content and language objectives. All teachers receive professional development in Culturally Responsive Classrooms, Sheltered Instruction Operation Protocol (SIOP) strategies, and student engagement strategies that together make our classrooms a dynamic place of learning. 

    Every day begins with the Morning Announcements and classroom Morning Meetings, where students connect with each other and with the adults to form a strong community of learners. Once a month the day ends with a fun-filled, and well attended, family night! Events explore topics such as reading, science, math, fitness, and health.

    We challenge every child, every day to reach their fullest potential!