Title I Program

  • Students who attend school at Alexander, Borlaug, Central, Hills, Hoover, Horn, Kirkwood, Longfellow, Lucas, Twain, Weber, and Wood are eligible to receive services from the Title I program. Title I is designed to provide instructional support in reading (and possibly math) by highly qualified teachers during the school day. Students participate in one-on-one or small group instruction with a Title 1 teacher or classroom teacher. Title 1 teachers and classroom teachers work together to coordinate the literacy or math instruction provided in the classroom and in the group setting.

    Reading Goals may include:

    • Increase sight word recognition in reading and writing
    • Increase fluency when reading and writing familiar text/words
    • Increase use of multiple strategies when reading and writing unfamiliar text/words
    • Increase comprehension of and ability to retell stories orally and in writing

    Math Goals may include:

    • Increase understanding of whole number place value
    • Increase proficiency with basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts
    • Increase use of appropriate strategies to solve problems
    • Increase ability to communicate mathematical thinking to peers, teachers, and others