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Cross-curricular Approach to Student-driven Learning

7th-grade CASL is a cross-curricular program that combines Global Studies, Language Arts 7, and Science 7. 

Why are we doing this?

  • Making learning cross-curricular increases student engagement.
  • We have a large, diverse student population at SEJH and we want to offer diverse learning experiences to fit our students’ needs.
  • A larger block of time allows for more flexibility in instruction and activities.

What's different?

  • Longer and more flexible block of time (about 135 min. in the program)
    • Teachers decide how to divide up the available time and spaces to allow students more choice over their learning (independent, group work, teacher guided)
    • Cultivating more community connections
  • Cross-curricular projects
    • Students satisfy standards and understandings for Global Studies, Language Arts, and Science through student-driven exploration.
    • Students have more choice in how they demonstrate their understanding of key concepts
  • Shared teachers
    • All students in the program will have the same teachers for Global Studies, Language Arts, and Science. 
    • Teachers will have opportunities to collaborate and coordinate instruction to best meet  individual students’ needs

What's the same?

  • This is not a remedial or gifted program - CASL’s population will be representative of our student population at SEJH.
  • Students will continue to receive separate grades for Language Arts, Global Studies, and Science.
  • Similar class sizes; similar teacher to student ratio
  • Standards and learning objectives are the same in and out of the program
  • All classes outside CASL will remain the same.
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