PBIS Overview

  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a systematic approach to achieving social and academic goals while preventing problem behaviors with ALL students. Our PBIS program is called "Hoover High Flyers."


    The purpose of the “Hoover High Flyers” is to establish and maintain a safe and effective school environment that maximizes the academic and social-emotional-behavioral competence of all students.

    Why Teach Expectations?

    If a child doesn’t know how to read,
    we teach them.

    If a child doesn’t know how to swim,
    we teach them.

    If a child doesn’t know how to multiply,
    we teach them.

    If a child doesn’t know how to drive,
    we teach them.

    If a child doesn’t know how to behave,
    We teach them!

    Major Components

    • A common approach to discipline
    • Positively stated, school-wide expectations for all students and staff
    • Behavioral expectations taught to students
    • Consistent use of an acknowledgement system and a consequence system
    • Procedures for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the “Paw-some rules” on a regular and frequent basis
    • Led by a PBIS Team and implemented by all staff



    School-Wide Expectations

    • Be ResponsibleExample of a Hoover PBIS Poster
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Safe

    Staff members teach all students these expectations during the first week of school. Additional instruction is provided after winter break and after spring break. Posters detailing the expectations, such as the one shown here, are placed throughout the building. 

    Guiding Principles

    Academic achievement and appropriate behavioral skills are the results of school, staff, and families working together to provide a continuum of support for all students. A continuum of academic and behavioral support includes:

    • School-wide instruction for all students (core instruction)
    • Instructional interventions for students who are at risk for academic or social and behavioral problem (supplemental instruction)
    • Individualized instruction for students with intense or chronic academic or behavioral problems (intensive instruction)



    Acknowledgement System

    Staff are provided with “High Flyer” tickets to distribute to any students demonstrating behaviors that follow the school-wide common area expectations, or our three “High Flying” expectations. Tickets are collected in each classroom and dumped into the school-wide tank to reach monthly goals.

    We will celebrate our success each month. Ask your student about “High Flying” tickets.

    Consequence System

    The safety of all students is a priority at Hoover. Staff will implement consistent consequences for students who demonstrate inappropriate behaviors.

    Students will be given a chance to fix their behavior in the classroom. If the behavior is not fixed or if a student demonstrates significantly disruptive or dangerous behavior, he/she will be sent to the office. The teacher or administrator will impose a consequence for the behavior. The potential consequences range from student conferences, loss of privilege, corrective consequences, a visit with the teacher or administrator, parent contact, or suspension.

    We will communicate about your child’s behavior with you via a behavior referral sheet, phone call, or email.

    Data System

    Data is collected to determine the effectiveness of PBIS and the “High Flying”  expectations. The data is also used to determine changes that need to be made to ensure program effectiveness for all students. Lastly, the team will use the data to identify students who may need more instructional or individualized support in order to be successful at Hoover Elementary.

    How Can You Get Involved?

    • Ask your child how they can be “High Flying Hawks!”
    • Praise your child for earning tickets and rewards at school.
    • Refer to the expectations when you are talking about expected behaviors at school.
    • Volunteer at school or ask how you can get involved.



    Contact Mr. Harnack, Hoover Elementary Principal, at (319) 688-1110 or harnack.dennis@iowacityschools.org.