7th Grade School Supply List, NCJH

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  • General Supplies

    1 Package Loose Leaf Paper
    4 Packages #2 Pencils
    2 Large Boxes of Tissues (collected in science)
    2 Highlighters
    1 Package of Colored Pencils
    Large Clear Pencil Pouch with Holes
    1 Calculator (MUST BE TI-30XIIS)
    1 Package Blue/Black Pens
    1 Ruler with centimeters and inches


    World Atlas

    Global Issues (Yellow)

    1 Yellow 3-ring Binder
    1 Yellow Spiral Notebook

    Language Arts (Green)

    1 Green Folder
    1 Green Spiral Notebook

    Literacy (Red)

    1 Red 3-ring Binder OR Red Folder
    1 Red Spiral Notebook

    Math (Blue)

    1 Blue 3-ring Binder (fill with lined paper)
    Calculator TI-30XIIS


    Science (Black)

    1 Black 3-ring Binder (At least 1 1/2")
    1 Package #2 Pencils (Collected in science)

  • Art

    Large Eraser (white Hi-polymer prefered)
    Small Sketchbook 9"x12" (unlined paper)
    3-5 #2 Wood Pencils
    Black fine point Sharpie
    Black, extra-fine point Sharpie (optional)


    Band Instrument, Accessories, and Cleaning Supplies
    Percussionists Only: Vic Firth EP2 Education Pack (or equivalent)
    Previous Year's Lesson Book(s)
    1 White Binder (1" is preferred)
    1 Package #2 Pencils
    Black Slacks or Skirt, White Dress Shirt, Black Socks and Shoes

    Family & Consumer Science 7

    2 Pocket Folder (Any Color)

    Industrial Technology

    2 Pocket Folder (Any Color)
    1 3-ring Binder (Any Color)


    For Concerts

    Black Slacks, Skirt, or Dress, White Dress Shirt, (Button or Polo), Black Socks and Shoes

    For Class/Home Practice

    Instrument and Bow
    Pencil, Rosin, Soft Cleaning Cloth
    Shoulder Rest or Sponge (Violin/Viola)
    Endpin Anchor (Cello and Bass-Strap type for Cellists)


    Previous Year's Lesson Book(s)
    Beautiful Music for Two Strings Instruments, by Samuel Applebaum
    (Book 1, 2 or 3 as appropriate)
    Cellists: Position Pieces for Cello, by Rick Mooney
    (Book 1 or 2 as appropriate)


    Physical Education

    T-shirt, Tennis Shoes, Shorts. Sweatpants and Sweatshirt may be worn. PE clothing is to be separate from what is worn to school.

    Special Education

    2 pocket folders
    1-2 inch 3 ring binders
    Calculator=TI-30xIIS- couple