• CEDAC members represent their geographic area and/or other constituent groups as we discuss needs, set goals and allocate funding. Between council meetings, members are to visit others in your community— colleagues, parents and youth—to share what issues we are addressing and get their ideas.   

    Current CEDAC Representatives

    • City of Iowa City: 2
    • City of Coralville: 1
    • City of North Liberty: 1
    • City of Hills, University Heights, and the unincorporated areas of Johnson County: 1
    • Parks and Recreation: 1
    • Before and After School Program: 1
    • Participating District Staff: 5

Community Education Districtwide Advisory Council (CEDAC)

  • Established in 2010, our Community Education Districtwide Advisory Council (CEDAC) was created to provide educational, recreational, cultural, and other community services and programs through the establishment of the concept of community education with the community school serving as the center for such activity.

    What are our goals?

    1. Maintain and support the Student and Family Advocate Program in every building
    2. Increase accessibility to Before and After School Programs by reducing barriers to participation
    3. Support our new immigrant populations by partnering with the community to offer increased opportunities for both students and parents


    Our Community Education program is funded with SAVE dollars, generated by our local sales tax. Currently SAVE dollars support the Student and Family Advocate program, after school and summer programs, and supports for recent immigrants.